Who We Are

Rock and Mineral Company provides some of the most exquisite and unique specimens, rough stones, and loose stones in all of South Asia. Our stones come from the rugged mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Every year thousands of individuals involved in the gem business travel to the ancient city of Peshawar, Pakistan, known historically as one of the most infamous trade routes for the sub-continent, Middle East and south East Asia in search of these unique and exquisite gems. As someone who has grown up in the region and has become well networked within the local gem trade, I am able to provide some of the best quality gems worldwide. Working from within the US, we are able to provide unique gems from regions of the world that are otherwise inaccessible to the North American and European market in regards to reliability and quality assurance. We hope that you provide us the opportunity to prove ourselves and experience the splendor and beauty of our gems.

Atif Irfan
Founder, Rock and Mineral Company